Bridal Show | Cobb Galleria

Sunday, Jan 5th 2014
Bridal Show|Cobb Galleria 

Today was such a great day! My BFF Breian Brockington owner of Kurve Service  decided that it would be a great idea for us to attend the Bridal Show at Cobb Galleria this evening. Briean is a plus size fashion trendsetter for women with curves and myself as as you know is a decorator. Both Breian and I began to network in this market to get ideas and share them with our readers. I for one began scouting different mock setups to see which one I loved the best. Not that we're getting married anytime soon **hint** however we thought it would be a great market to meet clients before, during and after their wedding to see how our services could be helpful in the near future. 

The pictures below is a mock setup for a wedding that I really loved. It showcased huge silver crystal candle holders, chair arrangements and a wedding cake sheer drapery and ceiling decor. The drapery business is called Geri Sims, the beautiful chair arrangements are by Sweet Seats Both separate business that work together with a purpose. The sheer designs are really beautiful with a elegant edge to it. Using crystals, diamonds and sheer can really bring a beautiful event together. When people thinking of decorating I don't think they understand the depth of the designs. While walking around I noticed all sorts of setups with flower arrangements, bowes, pictures, food and just about anything you can think of needing for a wedding including car transportation and a carriage. My dream wedding is going to be small 20 on his side and 20 on my side lol. Honestly I just want something very elegant and intimate between us. After seeing all this amazing bright items I started to think about my future wedding. I had people walking up to me asking me "so when is the wedding" and honestly I lied and told them this summer which may or may not be true but who knows!! 

It is truly exciting planning for the special day, especially losing weight and getting in shape for that beautiful gown. Now of course no wedding could happen with out the service of a great wedding designer. Everything from the chair coverings, table decor, flower arrangement, lighting, flooring and ceiling should compliment the bride and groom. I LOVE LOVE my job and will be excited to show you some picture in the near future of a wedding that I designed for my clients. When having a special gift and professional talent there are so many great things that I can do which doesn't just limit me to home décor and theater but also weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, getaways, hotels and so much more! When I put my thought and hands together I want to walk away jealous and in need of it my world. Today was a great journey and inspiration of things to look forward to both in my business and in my personal lifestyle.