THE BRIDGE | Dekalb County

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Short blog, busy day....

Yesterday I had the pleasure of putting back together this lovely set designed by Set Designer Korey Washington. I was called on this project back in April for set decor and scenery. I was trilled to be apart of such greatness especially when it comes to the youth! 

Deklab County Producer/Directory Larry Steele is truly a genius and obviously cares tremendously about the future of our children. What a wonderful program called THE BRIDGE...truly a new way to look at what's going on in our school systems.  

A series of shows shot over a two day period. This fun and exciting show features a performance stage, photo both, carpet talk with guest, panel discussion, and an interview stage. 

You'll be amazed at how we transformed Deklab County's Broad of Education room into a live set.  More information and details on this blog coming soon.

More photos of the live tapping coming this weekend. Schedule recording is Sat and Sun.

THE BRIDGE | Dekalb County 

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