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Equipose Designs & Nicki Minaj New Vogue Italia Spread (PHOTOS)

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Nicki Minaj Slays In New Vogue Italia Spread very beautiful Nick. Sometimes outer interior decorating of the body is as important as interior decorating of a room. All you need is the right designer to make you look fabulous! Nicki loves dressing up we all can contest to that but sometimes her video clothes aren't always the latest fashion trend I'm going to guess because of the lack of coverage it fails to provide. Interior decorating has no limits and serves as many titles. You call it fashion stylist, wardrobe designer, clothing stylist and I call it interior decorating. I was shocked to see this rolling down my timeline after just watching Nicki play Beyonce on SNL. It went from 0-100 real quick and it just goes to show you that it's all about the designer behind it all. 

I'm sure Nicki gets her self dressed in the morning and possibly have lots of input on what to wear in her videos but this spread from Vogue says she had nothing to do with nothing. It's a beautiful thing to see nothing turn into something no pun intended. Its like an empty room that's screaming for decor from the walls to the floor. One can't help but to lend a creative hand and get busy making it look fabulous. Then there's a different swing on things when you have a beautiful house and poor dressed decor. In the fashion world especially Vogue Italia there's a unique creative designing that has to play in each spread. Imagine if Vogue Italia took all the ratchet people and turned them into models what wonderful designs would they come up with? 

I wonder who you all would like to see in the industry to truly get a makeover by Vogue? I'm sure little Kim is on that list and Iggy however one way or another but all of these women have something beautiful in common. The common factor here is that it's not their fault that they don't separate trashy fashion from runway fashion. Over the years Kim has worn some wigs and clothes that make you want to just slap the TV. However time does bring about change and she has gotten a whole lot bette but it's still strange adjusting to her new look if you know what I mean. Some people just don't know how to fire their interior decorator if yo know what I mean.

Back to the subject at hand...

Nicki you truly look beautiful in these shots and I would love to see more of this side of you. I love it that they made her hips look smaller and her breast. Nothing here says let me hit that in an inappropriate way so guys I'm sorry if you don't like this side of her. This look is sexy, fun, creative and classy and for me this speaks more to me than any and all of her lyrics. Enjoy these photos I adore the Vegas showgirl, the mens suit hell all of the looks! 

Shot by Francesco Carrozzini

Find more of the spread HERE

Equipose Designs & Nicki Minaj New Vogue Italia Spread 

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