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I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE MY BUSINESS EQUIPOSE DESIGNS. I went shopping for my next project SINGLE HUSBANDS yesterday and went to sleep thinking about it. Woke up to some of my set dressing items spread out in my dinning room and I just smiled. I truly love my talents, creativity and passion for what I love.
I LOVE SHOPPING for items to dress the sets with. I LOVE having to be creative and add a little art project to my list of things to do. Such as these windows in the picture. I'm going to make them look so fabulous with the set.
I'm always looking for my next big gig and I know my first movie isn't far behind. I am willing it so that it will manifest. If you need my services please call me 765-727-0087!

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Decorating for a stage isn't as easy as you may think when it comes to picking out colors and textures. Over time it became a piece of cake to me and now I'm kind of an expert **smiles**. Not to toot my own horn but heres a tip! An audience can't really see unclose details to such sophisticated soft patterns. It is important for me when dressing bedroom to pick out patterns that stand out from far distances. 

Furry items and geometrical shapes are perfect for staging and viewing. Bold patterns and shapes are my favorite because they give depth and it looks damn good. If you're scrolling on OfferUp from your cell phone and you see little pictures lets say of pillows, the ones with the geometrical shapes and patterns will catch your eye first. It's more of mental science when you think about what the eyes are attracted to first. Our eyes are constantly trying to figure things out and especially when it comes to art and shapes. I want my audience to look at every detail and love the sight of it from their distance. 

If there's a particular focus that I want the audience to zoom into I can easily do that by place a geometrical shaped object in any place and it will force their attention to that object. If you love interior decorating as much as I do you know exactly what I mean. 

 For the look of these 3 bedroom it wouldn't be complete without a set of faux leather 24 inch decorative pillows. The look for each scene is not only romantic but rich in every way. I love decorating bedroom it's one of my favorite projects and favorite shopping sprees to be apart of. Leather especially faux leather really works great with stage lighting because of it's ability to reflect light. When shopping for stage and tv you have to think about your lighting crew. Depending on what you decide to go with it could either hurt your design or give it life. I'm planning on giving my project so much life you have no idea. 

The crystal ball above and the window below are items that will be suspended in the air over the beds in two different scenes. I will update pictures once the full look is up and the set is dressed. I can't wait to get my hands on refurbishing those windows this week. My plan is to ship way the dried up old paint then sand it. Afterwards I will spray paint it a light orange or red depending on the bed set color choice I find this week for this particular scene. 

I LOVE doing art projects like these because here I can put my own personal touch to them. I found these lovely window on OfferUp which has become my favorite go to browsing place for selling and shopping times online. I've mention the site before in other blog post and it's just like a Craigs list but much better.   


I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below! 

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