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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of fabric choices that are out there? How about walking into a professional window treatment store and feeling a little anxiety with all the choices? Oh, you have felt this way? Don't worry. Every home makeover project can bring on a level of stress, no matter how big or small the project. In some cases there are so many other decisions to be made in a small amount of time that has nothing to do with window treatments. For example,

  • What color should the walls be? 
  • What accent pieces do I purchase? 
  • Will I like my choices? 

All are valid questions and concerns  

~Working with a professional can take loads of stress off your hands, but not everyone can invest in professional interior design services. Wouldn't you like to work like a pro and feel confident about the design choices you make? Of course you would!

With these few rules allow me to make decision making much easier for you. Together we will put the fun back into your project. With all the stress of our busy lives outside of our homes, who would want to come home to a space that isn't loving, or inviting? One element of your home and focal point will be your window treatment. Since there are so many different patterns, textures and colors to choose from how do you narrow it down to the best choice?

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Purpose
~Notes: How to stress yourself out even more Dos and Don'ts! Don't give yourself a hundred options because you will then leave yourself making a hundred decisions. Do discipline yourself and narrow it down with just a few of your favorite choices.

Address your concerns: 
  • How much maintenance is involved in the choices I make?
Cotton fabrics are easy to clean while heavier fabrics involve a little more work. Sheer curtains are one of my favorites but lack privacy; wools have the perfect weight to them and of course great for embellishments. Last but not lease most blinds are easy to clean.

Great notes right?

Now that we've gotten that out the way we can now go window treatment browsing. Keep in mind you don't have to buy right away, especially for those of you who are shopping for customized drapery. Take a friend with you who has great taste. If time isn't on your side, order swatches online from a design brand with excellent ratings.

Most sites offer 5-10 pieces of free swatches and any additional swatches can cost from $1 and up. The key decision word here is to limit the amount of swatches you request in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. All of them will look beautiful to you; so remember what I said in my NOTES above about limiting the amount of options. Most swatches take just a few days to be delivered to your home so relax and take it easy.

One of my favorite stores for window treatment is The Shade Store here are a few screen shots from their website. I love how they send a catalog along with their swatches and how professional they are. Very easy checkout process and you can speak with a live person for additional questions.

With just a few day gone by your watches have finally arrived in the mail now what? 

Fabric swatches of any kind are just like paint; well sorta. There are two ways you can go about making the best paint choice.  Some people prefer to p
aint directly on the wall for a much bolder view while others tape their paint swatches to the wall. There's no wrong or right way about doing this. However, painting directly on the wall will give you a much boarder view than small paint swatches.  

In this case windows are your project so apply the same method. Tape your swatches to your window. This will provide a great visual as to how much light you desire from your selection. The same rule applies for any black-out shade. When night falls turn on the lights inside the room where your swatches are hung. Take a walk outside on your porch to determine the amount of privacy you'll get by comparing fabrics. 

Top: Pattern: Bloom
Color: Summer

Left: Woven Wood Shades
Pattern: Montauk-2
Pice code:A

Right: Collection: Woven Wood Shade
Pattern: Quogue-4
Price Code: A

Left bottom: Pattern: Park
Color: Grey

Right bottom: Chilewich ~Pattern: Bamboo
Color: Oat

I hope this blog provided you with much needed information in addition to making your life a little bit happier and stress free.  After taking my advice and making your final decision I'm sure your project will be a total success. Check out my other blogs for more help with other projects! 

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