Is it music or decorating?

Hello everyone!!

Is it music or decorating? Let's see...Do you decorate with music the way you write songs? How exciting would it be to wake up each day surrounded by your gifts and talents. Imagine you're a musician or composer and you have this grand wall or corner in your living space that you admire. How would you write in that corner or wall? Maybe you have some awards, pictures, albums and such that you're either proud of or samples of artist you admire. How about creating a special place in your home for you to stay inspired, does that sound like something you could live with? 

When I think back to when I first started decorating my room with music it was far from creative and special. Instead there were CD's and cassette tapes stashed in the comers or on racks. Photographs that I've taken with famous people were in a photo album book or in a frame in my parents living room. My room made a simple statement yet there was so much going on in there I couldn't figure out how to make it work with my lifestyle while being a young parent. I had no time to make my room look fabulous, instead I just lived day to day instead of consuming myself with decorating it. My only focus at that time was to keep it neat and clean which was easy for me to do. I must say I would play music every day all day so instead of my room looking musically inspired it was a ear full of inspiration. 

So how did I express myself and stay inspired? Well my outlets were open mics and perform as much as possible.  Sometimes you have to take your ideas and let other's be your canvas. Make songs on people's hearts instead of on paper. When I got older and was on my own I was then living with my boyfriend in 2000 at the time and instead of creating my own space of inspiration I fail for what inspired him and our home was basically his work environment and what he loved doing. The things we'll do for love I tell you it's horrible. **insert Lianne's song No Room For Doubt"**  From that experience I learned to always create your own personal space to stay inspired no matter what! Finally I moved from that home in 2005 into a new home and began buying new everything. New sofa and bed, you name it I bought it. That house was my everything and my first time to express who I was artistically. I even hosted a monthly event in that space I called No Place Like Home. It was a monthly space for poets and artist to express their gifts in a intimate gathering. I will give more details about that in a later blog, awe don't worry I promise I know you want to hear more. 

People I just got sentimental for a moment there but I must stay on topic so brush that feeling off Raquel and stay focus. You know how you get the answers to questions you always had questions about and then it hits you? The answer.  Well that just happen to me right now, amazing how powerful writing is and how much healing and processing you're unconsciously doing at the same time. WOW! Hey before you start reading the rest of this blog open up your spotify or if you don't have it download it for free I'll wait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Okay all down downloaded great! Now type in the search Alice Smith, Found her? Great play the song called SHE and now continue reading this blog. 

There's something about this picture to our left. I call this room SHE because everything about that wall says SHE has her favorite spot in the house. She's a person who doesn't take no shit and she's tired of not expressing who she is. This room says finally I'm breaking out and doing me after doing for other's. This space is so special that I just want to sit in this room and write a few songs while having a good drink and shutting the world out a little. In this space I can hear the speakers turned all the way up on perfect with some funky music artist like Alice Smith. Can you hear me blasting one of my favorite songs called "The One" or "With You" how about "Another love". Continue listening while reading.

This wall is gorgeous and the albums in white framing is stunning. Notice the trim divider between each column. I love straight lines and balance between rows in this look. The album choices and colors made it even more interesting. The soft yet vibrant colors and the red lips lower right corner is just tasteful and I love it! I love the chase beside the wall with the accent pillow it says sit down and stay a while. The round soft wood table tells us that there's room for mingling with others. It's just enough to have a small gathering of some sort or long discussion about the artist musicing in the surround sounds. Music-ing yes I just made that up because it's relevant to my expressions, go ahead and laugh but you'll be using that word soon enough. Come on back from y'all form your giggles...

I'm excited that the designer choice was to add round accents such as the objects on the table and pillow on the chase. The colors of accents blends well and are very appropriate choices allowing the wall to stand out and not have the accents over power or take attention from the focal point. The wall color choice also says that this space is inviting and tropical. Allow the breeze from the window on the right to engage your mind into the rhythm of sounds you're listening to. Relax stay a while because this space is personal yet sometimes busy with friends. I love this space from the wall to the floor this is just beautiful piece of art. Your friends will leave in jealousy and conversation about your wall I promise you! I imagine this space being a loft or brownstone in NY on a strip someplace in the ghetto where dreams come true and people never judge you because everyone is different with their own styles and every style is excepted as life. If you've enjoyed Alice Smith's music while reading by all means continue listening after the blog and purchase this awesome album. Link is blow!

Okay pause Alice for a moment and head back to your search and type in Lianne La Havas album Is Your Love Big Enough? Just press play or better yet turn to her song called Age. After you found it press play and continue reading. Trust me I got you don't panic if you're not familiar with this artist and besides just follow my instructions and don't be hard headed **insert smily face for readers**

This room  I call my British Crush because when I see this room I think of one of my favorite female artist Lianne La Havas. Born in London, England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother. I see Lianne and I sitting in this room in her house of many rooms while she's playing that acoustics while I'm sitting on that black accent chair while listening to her sweet voice. Or harmonizing with her and changing up her original arrangements **insert haha**

Lianne seems like the type of person with a Yin and Yang presence which is highly attractive. This room has some edge of boldness without over powering it's counter part the peace. Lianne has has very stylish taste in her clothing, her curly hair, beautiful smile, and makeup this room I can imagine is all hers.

**insert public announcement if you're at a commercial break just let the next song play don't panic or you can simply rewind the previous song after the commercial break**

Notice the daring striped zig zagged center rug and the colors. Not many people know how to design with such a patterning without going over board or taking away from the other accents in the room. Notice the shelving on the back wall with a simple arch above, then notice the oval shaped mirror on the all. Don't stop there also notice the round bumped edges on both accents chairs and pink stool. Come on guys take notes because you'll want to keep this in mind while designing for yourself or of course hiring me for the job. I'm a hard teacher but I know you love me and I love you to so take notes. Focus some attention also on the hats in the rare on the book shelve. How cool to add a balance between the soft pinks and the hard dark edges around the trimming of the windows, baseboards, book selves, fireplace, and ceiling. There's so much black going on in this space but there's also a sweet balance between gold, pink, hardwood floor, guitar, accent plants, pillows picture over fireplace. This room could simply be a room to visit every day or a room I would run to after touring to mediate on the great response I got from my fans. The room where it all started and such you know what I mean?

This British Crush would be a beautiful place for simple inspiration. A place where someone wouldn't need many things around to remind them of how great they are as a musician or songwriter. I imagine this space is where Lianne began writing one of my favorite songs of hers called AGE. I can imagine her looking at the older hats on her book shelves and began to get inspired. This room is just a beautiful place for any artist who doesn't need much inspiration around them but instead a steady space to make great music. Music that inspires who you are as an artist and not a forced environment that says be who we want you to be. If you're enjoying Lianne's music continue to listen and purchase this album because it truly is great music.

Let me be honest I haven't gotten into Michael's music in it's entirety but take a listen at your own risk and don't judge me. I don't want you guys cussing me out because you know my taste in music is great but give the guy a chance just a little, just a little. I honestly can't say that I have any favorites yet but this one song took me under a little while listening and blogging so take it listen and now search for Michael Kiwanuka album Home Again song Bones in spotify.

Don't throw your old piano away no matter how bad the shape of it is in. Pianos are pieces of art work and can serve as multi purpose use. If you don't believe me then just check out this photo and how simple it is. It's a simple home display use as a book shelve that looks gorgeous on that wall. Keep in mind I'm showing you this simple photo because had I shown you something much for fancy with this same design you might've thought that it wasn't achievable. See just like that I'm thinking about how you feel, aren't I caring? Okay you but honestly I want to do this badly! In the back of the shop where I work there's this old piano that they were suppose to give to me but I no longer have the room for it in my home.

Yesterday I saw the piano in the back of the shop outside in the grass with it's legs off and in need of a makeover. I wanted to pick it up and bring it home and began working on it. However now I don't have the space on my walls for it but wait, wait, wait oh but wait yes I do!!! I just realized the wall were my father's bed is has always been empty and that would be a perfect home for it to rest. I was recently my father's caregiver and had to created a bedroom for him in my living room area but my father recently passed away on Jan 23rd, 2014. I'm now waiting for the VA to come pick up his hospital bed which is sorta kinda bitter to be because I kinda want the bed to stay because it was my father's but at the same time I want it out of the living room. I'm saying all that to say now I will create a sweet space were the bed is once it's removed. Okay you guys can stop crying and tearing up ***insert LOL*** really guys I'm good I just wanted to express to you what that space is in my home and bring you up to speed.

So as I head to work this afternoon to work on my current project which is DREAM GIRLS the musical I will take another look at the piano in the back of the shop and see if I can use it. I really want to make this thing happen and this picture just inspired me to get on top of it. While thinking about this genius idea while we're both listening to artist Michael Kiwanuka, the song Bones I suppose it's the perfect song for this moment. Michael's jazz stylings, snares and piano in the background gives me the feeling of New Orleans and looking at this photo I can imagine this is a home in New Orleans right of the the main strip. Michael's music to me is a like jazz/country meets folk. It's a mixer of feelings and can take us just a few places around the world and what a perfect feeling for a mellow person with plenty time on their hands to do some day dreaming. If you would like to continue listening please do and if you think this album is great then by all means purchase it.

So is it music or decorating?
I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell Alice, Lianne and Michael to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all.

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Bedroom Designs for Fashion and Music Lovers!

There's something wonderful about designing a bedroom. A bedroom tells a story about who you are and what it is that you're into. If you're into music I'm sure there's posters, albums, CD's, or even musical instruments placed somewhere in your bedroom for viewing. I decided a few years back to give one of my daughter a throw back 80's retro bedroom. I came up with this great idea (so I thought it was my idea until I went to ikea only to see that they had the same idea in mind lol) to hang these leftover piping poles I purchased from HomeDepot (from a previous project) on the wall to hang her clothes on. 

It was always challenging to figure out what to do with this wall in her room. At the time we couldn't paint and we didn't want to add wall paper so I thought of this concept of the albums to act as color and or wallpaper. I love designing with albums and I was not looking for any particular group or solo artist but while searching I was looking for any album cover with great colors. Surprisingly I did come across some great ones as you can see from the pictures. While looking through the album collection it was exciting to say the least. I educated myself and listened to some great music that I would've never thought I'd listen to before. Thrift stores are great places to find albums, however some our to pricy. I think I purchase all of these albums for about $2 a piece. I've been to other stores that would charge about $10-$20 for albums that weren't in any good condition so this was a good pick.

My youngest daughter is all about fashion and styling herself up. She picks awesome thrift times from any local 2nd hand store. While thinking of something funky to fit her style I surprised her with this retro wall. I wanted something that reminded her of shopping since she loves to go shopping so much. I wanted this wall to reflect her passion for fashion and shopping all at once. She also loves music to death so figured the mixer of having fashion and music in one room would light up her day. I looked in her closet and decided to pick fabrics that were colorful to add to the wall for more pop. After all children love colors and teenagers love feeling adult-like and independent. I just kept picturing her looking at her wall each to figure out what to wear. It was also a great tool for her to sit her clothes out the night before for the next day.

This is a super DIY idea to any room to make it creative with a touch of merchandise appeal. I wanted her friends to feel like they were walking into a private boutique that expressed fun for girls. I added an extra light on the wall that drops down to add that department store feel to it. I also added wooden hangers for that throw back yet clean look for hanging clothes. I personally wouldn't purchase the wall hanging poles from ikea because it's much more expensive. If I decide to do this again I would head back to HomeDepot, purchase more piping and have them cut to size and also buy more wall hooks. The poles are really cheap and it really gives the room a much more personal touch more than anything. 

I would love to answer any questions please feel free to post a comment or question below thanks! 

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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Keep your stools or give them to me!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a new love for using stools as a base for just about anything. One of my God parents came to Atlanta about two months ago to visit me and she gave me this creative DIY idea to use my old stools as a base for an old glass that I was going to throw away. I kept the legs the original dark wood and spray painted the seats a Stain Lagoon. The glass in the picture came with a table I bought but replaced the glass to make the table bigger. I was then left with this glass and just like that we found a good use for it! I thought this was such a great idea because I had sold the table that went with these stools over the summer and the stools set out on the back deck for months until this creative idea came up.

Get this spray at HomeDepot
 The stool below isn't the original stool instead it's the closes to the original look.

Last night I got a little bored and finally decided to do something creative with myself which only took a few minutes of my time. I finally spray painted 1 of the four stools with this exciting Gloss purple same brand spray paint as the above picture. The awesome part about spray paint is that it's so easy to recolor with another spray and depending on how I feel from week to week this poor little stool may never stay the same lol. I bout some additional colors such as yellow and black just incase I didn't like the results. Spray paint can make things look amazing sometimes depending on what surface it's sprayed on. I hope you guys and gals have enjoyed these pictures and please send me in your pictures if when come up with something creative as well. I think I really like this cool idea would love to add some mosaic glass to this purple stool and you guys know how much I LOVE to add lighting under the seat.  I will update this blog so stay tuned ;)

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I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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