Spray Painted Faux Leather Pillows

Hello everyone!

Last night while working I was trying to figure out how to make this faux leather 24inch decor pillow pop. For this bedroom scene for  Mary "Honey B" Morrison Presents: Single Husbands stage play I have designed a royal romantic bedroom look using faux leather, gold and royal blue. After purchasing the pillow I came home and was bored with the simple brown color. I really wanted this bedroom to stand out from the others and give personality to the characters's bed in each scene. I then decided to spray on a metallic gold strip with a break in the middle (H). After spraying I was nervous but excited to pill of the tape and see what greatness I made or mess. It turned out to be more than what I expected it to be in a good way. 
Trying something new for the first time always makes me nervous. Especially something like this because I've never spray painted a pillow before and to think that I would start on someone else dime is unheard of from me. However, I trust myself and my talents enough to take a risk and celebrate my success or fix a mistake and then celebrate. Thank goodness these pillows were fux leather from font to back which would've given me a new slat if I were to mess up one side. I can't wait to explore in the future with more fux leather spray painting using stencils and free hand.


Spray Painted Faux Leather Pillows 

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