director Danye Evonne


Hello everyone!!

Yesterday I started my yearly contract as scenic artist and set dresser for Tri-Cities High School for their upcoming play FOR COLORED GIRLS. TCHS has an amazing program for their students and the amount of talent at this school is like no other school. Their productions are always so fascinating. The moment you sit in your seats and the show begins it would never come to your mind that your at a high school watching high school students. Each play and musical is a professional showcase of the huge amount of talents and skills the students own.

Last year for their black box show the drama student performed Almost Maine and the visiting director Danye Evonne who directed that play is now the drama teacher for TCHS. Working with Danye last year around this same time was very nice. It gave me a chance to get to know her style as a director and it also gave the students a chance to get to know her as well.

Here are a few photos from yesterday's project... Working on stage plays are always tons of fun from start to finish. I personal love looking back at the before and after photos as it always shows just how much time and energy went into each project.

The student really enjoyed building their sets and helping out with painting and assembling. 

There will be updated photos added to this blog next week. Be sure to come back and check out the full look of this set. I will add more detailed text next as well to go along with the photos so be sure to come back! 



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