Keep your stools or give them to me!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a new love for using stools as a base for just about anything. One of my God parents came to Atlanta about two months ago to visit me and she gave me this creative DIY idea to use my old stools as a base for an old glass that I was going to throw away. I kept the legs the original dark wood and spray painted the seats a Stain Lagoon. The glass in the picture came with a table I bought but replaced the glass to make the table bigger. I was then left with this glass and just like that we found a good use for it! I thought this was such a great idea because I had sold the table that went with these stools over the summer and the stools set out on the back deck for months until this creative idea came up.

Get this spray at HomeDepot
 The stool below isn't the original stool instead it's the closes to the original look.

Last night I got a little bored and finally decided to do something creative with myself which only took a few minutes of my time. I finally spray painted 1 of the four stools with this exciting Gloss purple same brand spray paint as the above picture. The awesome part about spray paint is that it's so easy to recolor with another spray and depending on how I feel from week to week this poor little stool may never stay the same lol. I bout some additional colors such as yellow and black just incase I didn't like the results. Spray paint can make things look amazing sometimes depending on what surface it's sprayed on. I hope you guys and gals have enjoyed these pictures and please send me in your pictures if when come up with something creative as well. I think I really like this cool idea would love to add some mosaic glass to this purple stool and you guys know how much I LOVE to add lighting under the seat.  I will update this blog so stay tuned ;)

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