Penny Back Splash Amazing

What an exclusive personal touch I found on Stumbleupon. I have plenty to say about this look or should I say "penny" to say about this. I LOVE this as I love coppers and metals for back splashes especially for industrial looks. The columns and copper penny gives this a nice edge to some degree. I think I will trying something like this with a different approach. Try this idea it's creative, not expensive, fun and a total conversation piece and a penny for your thoughts. Check out the site above site for other great ideas!

6000 pennies will cost you only $60
Image Source: DIYcozyhome
To make this project you will need:
- Penny Floor Template
-Cement Board
- Mortar
-Unsanded grout
- Polyurethane Sealant
"This project requires a fair amount of time and a lot of focus, but it will be totally worth your time, since you will be creating your own kitchen backspalsh. To see the entire guide on how to make this project follow this guide PretttyFloor, and start preping your kitchen for a make over. Have Fun!"

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