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Let's get down to business in the bedroom, this time lets leave the sex out of it and head straight for the design (as if that's possible). My middle sister Kyiah has always been a huge fan of raw iron canopy beds. Every since I could remember she continues to talked about these beds and her love for them. My love wasn't the same way back then but recently I have discovered a true love and purpose for these beds. Now of course there are simple and traditional looks for a canopy beds and most people have the most traditional canopy look as possible. I for one being the creative genius I am would take this idea and turn it into something far more magical especially for adult's bedroom. Kyiah thoughts for canopy are very traditional for now but once I show her other looks I'm sure I'll change her mind just a little. Canopy beds remind me of the jungle, I think of monkeys and birds perched on my bed and to me that isn't so attractive. I know, I know you're laughing right now but it's true. It also reminds me of a cage, tie me up, pin me down, if the killer came to kill he would just tie you up to the bed easily!!!! I know, I know you're laughing again but it is also true. Now on to the positives about these beds, they last forever, a lifetime warranty plus you can get cuff to them. Okay you like that idea huh? Now on to the point of it all...

Let's take this bed for example it's detailed branch and leaf design makes this bedding fun but it doesn't make it pop enough for me to want to fall in love with it. This room looks like an older persons room, a place that doesn't say lets make love but instead it says lets go to sleep we have work in the morning. Hey don't shake your head it's true!

The choice in wall color and window finishings does't inspire anything either but a guess room. This doesn't look like a master bedroom setup instead to me it looks more like a guess bedroom. If you fall asleep in here you may have nightmares of the bed frame coming alive and grabbing you in your sleep. It's true those branches look creepy.

If you're going to do an iron bed in your master bedroom let's make it really look grand and not creepy. Also notice the draped material on the back of the top rail. I wouldn't dare put that on the top for trimming. It begins to look old and outdated and not in a fashionable way but more so like a bad choice of design. I can't say that this room is all together bad but I will say that I wouldn't want it in my house. This bed could've really turned about to be something great and lovable, however every designer has a different view of what's hot and what's not. This also looks like a mock setup instead of a believable space in a home. Mock setups has always made me a little uncomfortable looking at them. The only thing this bed inspires me to do is to want to redesign it's entire look.

 Now let us began to give canopy a new name. Let us call it Can-o-lious Definition: An delicious way to treat canopy so that it doesn't look like your old traditional grandmother's bed. I love everything about this look from it's bright natural colors to the ceiling draping with sheer and bumped edging I adore this look. This room has many windows and I get excited when designers continued to keep rooms with multiple windows bright and open.

This room reminds me of a little piece of delicious heaven without taking away from it's natural look. White sheets are perfect with the splashes of gold accents around the frame and on the accent chair by the bed. I could make love in this room, read a book in that chair, stand by my windows and look at the sunset and have wine with a few friends in that room. Multi purposes that are all very pleasurable and for this reason alone this room to me is Can-o-lious!

Draping that hits the floor with a little sex appeal such a as a women's gown that trails the floor it's a perspective of elegance and grace. Drapery can be sloppy if you're not aware of what you're doing. Not to mention if you're a heavy smoker I wouldn't suggest for you to smoke in that room Sheer is easily stained and can change colors right away. The most fantastic part bout sheer it how easily it is to clean. Amazingly just use some woolite depending again on the sheer and just hand wash it or a very light machine wash. If you have heavy drapery you make want to have a professional cleaning company to come take care of that for you. Now that I've given you a little cleaning lesson lets get back to business. Again I love this room and would love to lay in that bed and just dream myself away.

Take a look at this royal beauty, she demands attention and your time. I would call her Can-o-queen Definition: A canopy of elegance and style. Before I get to the bed let me just point out that  I love and adore chandeliers in just about any space in a house. Dropping over a bed or dropping over a table it all makes my mouth water a little. The stylings of chandeliers can really demand attention and a great conversation piece.

I love everything about this photo and it's look. The sheer draping behind the ceiling tray finish is just a brilliant way to distract to eye. The cut out above the bed to reshape it's perspective, well it's just a little genius of the designer. This looks makes for an attractive conversation piece with friends and family who will come and visit your lovely home. The headboard is a beauty and I'm in love with Lavender and purples and such. The wall paper in the back is another allusion which sorta looks like an addition to the headboard but instead it's a dimension of the wall in the back. This design has layers, texture and a royal appeal without doing to much. I love everything about this and could blog about it for days. I could make love in this room, sleep like a queen, having breakfast served in bed, or simply enjoy a glass of wine with my husband. This bedroom is a yes and anyone can have this look.

Master bedroom designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

My sister I think would love this look. I would call this Can-o-away Definition: A canopy that allows you to feel like you're away from home. There's something really romantic about this bed. When looking at this bed it looks like a breathing taking place to getaway. I want to lay in that bed and sleep all day with the bedside lights off and keep the lighting over the canopy on! This Lavender and Blue baby is everything to me. To know me is to know I love lavender and blue combination in colors. Notice I capitalized the the two colors because to me they mean everything.
I love the draping in this space. Most times people think that they need to buy a canopy bed to get that drape look. I don't think that most people realize how much it's not the bed frame in particular that they love or want but it's more so of the draping that comes with it. Draping a bed isn't always easy depending on if you rent or own a home. Designing something that will last a life time or just a short period of time is really the question here. Creating beams in the ceiling or hanging poles to make for a great DIY idea is always fun. I love the cloud draping over the bed in the photo. Look how amazing it comfy it makes this space look. Simple draping is very easy and purchasing the material can be costly but it all depends on what type of material you desire to drape with within your budget.

Allow me to imagine for a moment...It's an entrance to what is to come it looks like a vacation getaway and the rest of this room is open with six windows leading onto the beach. I can hear the ocean outside of the windows and I can hear the birds speaking in tongues. The soft wind is blowing in the window as the drapes around this bed begins to move. The warm sheets and playing footsie sparks for something romantic to happen... Okay back to reality I know you guys think that I'm silly with this whole romantic speech but it is true.

Hey let your imagination take you while creating the perfect bedroom for yourself. Everyone isn't into romantic settings but to me they should be. Why wait until you travel to fall in love with a hotel room? Why not create a room of your own? It doesn't have to be canopy style but it should say something special about yourself and your partner. Canopy is neither male or female instead it's a speechless lesson to learn. I'll leave you alone to figure out what that exactly means. In the meantime I hope you've enjoyed this blog so be sure to share it with your friends and let's get their opinion on it. Please comment or leave questions below thank you!

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