Autumn Won Tons | October Fest

Hello everyone!

Happy October 1st! October Fest is here and I must admit I shocked myself making this. Autmumn is the time of year when aroma starts to kick in. Spices are in high demand and creativity isn't far behind. 

When I think of fall dishes I think of cumin, cinnamon, pumpkins, gloves, and warmth. While browsing through my many spices I came across Indian spice mango powder. Sometimes I buy things just to have a reason to make something out of it. 

I knew Autumn was coming so I started pulling out every thing in the kitchen that made me think of fall. You won't believe this dish I made. Having never done such a dish before I decided to let my nose lead the way. 

Check out these aromaleciois autumn won tons. 

Indian Spice Mango Power
Cinnamon sticks
Peruvian Organic Cocoa nibs
Indian Masla Ckicken Tikkia 
Organic Ground Turkey 
Organic Fresh Herbs and Spices 

These are just a few items I used to make this dish. 

This plate smells just freaking amazing!!!! You won't believe your pallet or your nose. I must admit I really achieved my goal to use fall flavored spices with this one. 

The won tons came out perfect!! A little crisped and a touch of autumn. Notice how I used dried cilantro for coloring the wonton then tikka masala to express the changing colors of fall. 

I used the pumpkin seeds to add a touch of October to the plate look how amazing it looks. A spindle of the out doors with gloves, and cocoa nibs. By the way the dipping sauce Indian spice mango was beyond delicious!! 

The moment you walk in the room the smell of this fresh dish brings you right to where I want you to be. A messy fall grown floor plated before your eyes. 

Roll it up and fry away and just like that you create a magical dish. You'll be able to find this recipe in our cook book come 2015. If you can't wait until then just message us below. 

Autumn Won Tons | October Fest 

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