Raquel's Home Staging Secrets


Raquel's Home Staging Secrets

Expose your home's strengths and take the focus off any of it's weaknesses and let your potential buyer or renter be allured by your hard work.

Home Staging Color Choices

Every home has it's own personality which includes a number of key components that are very identifiable to the eye. Color is one of those key components that gives your home strength and personality, which clients love. Everything from the paint choice/s on the walls to the decor pillows and throws tells an inviting story that is yet to come. Pick three color combinations for a room, a neutral color, a pop color and a mid tone. Your large furniture pieces can be neutral colors and your accent pieces can be mid tones and your decor pieces can pop with color.

{In my profession as a set decorator I have staged many looks for television and one key note from one of my recently project is to create a room with depth so that on camera things don't look flat.}

Home Staging Clutter Free

No one likes a cluttered space and be mindful that your open house guest previous home may be cluttered so keep in mind your goal is for a visual fresh start. Organizing staging is another key component to any future home owner/renter. Remember you are the expert or at least they will think you are and it's your job to show them how to love your clutter free home.

Less is always more so throw out all of your old belongings as it is not what they came to see. An open house is an OPEN HOUSE be ready for your home's privacy to be no more. People love viewing every corner of their future investment so don't be shocked when they open cabinets, toilet seats, laundry room and bedroom closets.

Home Staging Room Depth

Furniture on walls yes or no?  Staging room depth in your living room should be a walkthrough "gallery" with no hassle. Most mistakes homeowners/renters make when decorating is purchasing furniture that is too big for a space. They then make the mistake of placing everything close to the walls to make it more open; so they think.  Adding a love seat, a few accent chairs, coffee table, and an end table or two is all your space needs. Give your open house a visual that is remembered instead of talking about all the multiple things they didn't like. Don't lose the comfort of the look by not thinking it thoroughly DO NOT be fearful of creative change.

Give or take the size of the average living room space most people will admit to purchasing items that overpower their space. When you take your furniture off the walls it gives your space more options and most of all an open and inviting floor plan. Spending money on a huge living room set can be very pricy and one demential so try accent chairs as another decorating option. 

Home Staging Floating Furniture 

Take your furniture to different heights to create more space and clean lines. Wall shelving is one way to gain a clean and sleek look for your open house. Take out the huge entertainment set and upgrade your home with a more modern floating choice.  

Home Staging Wall Space & Accents 

A warm Foyer or passing wall is always inviting during an open house we can all admit to that. From the moment your future homeowners/renters walk through the doors or while walking from one room to another something should grab their attention right away. Choosing colors and accents that say welcome home are what you want to achieve. Remember less is more when adding accents don't be overbearing just because you fell in love with 5 vases for one table. A couple of accent pieces and a statement piece on a table can say much more than a multiple jungle of assortments. 

{A chandelier or wall art will gravitate their attention with a sense of security and reassurance that this could actually be their future home.} 

Home Staging Repurpose For More Options

Turn a guest room into a small work area space instead of using all bedroom furniture. You can add a desk and accents with a few house plants and serve a wider vision for this potential space.  Some home buyers aren't particularly looking for bedroom space or money to invest in a complete bedroom set. Each room must be functional so that buyers can have more options in addition to feeling like they're getting more for their bucks. 

Home Staging With Plants

Decorating with plants isn't as hard as you may think. However, you must be wise about your choices. Ikea has lovely green fake plants which looks lovely in every room of the house. If you must and can't live without plants for your staging I would suggest using succulents because they last much longer and require very little attention. Color choices for a vase is everything; it can either ruin the look or make it look amazing. Succulents are also year round plants and would pose as no threat to any season of your sale.

Home Staging With Lighting 

Coming from the theatre world, I know how much lighting is very important to every show. Your open house is your show believe it or not. Featuring your living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, bedrooms etc. What makes a living room warm, a kitchen clean, and a bathroom refreshed is the amount of lighting that takes up that space. I for one am not a huge fan of ceiling lights (globe lights) but with the right balance between floor and table lamps you can then appreciate the softness or brightness of your choice. 

100 watts every 50 sq ft is an accurate amount of lighting that should evenly balance a room. When you think about accent lights such as bed side lamps what are you normally doing when that light is on? Reading a book and or watching the TV? Entertainment lighting is different from mood lighting in a home. During your open house most people want to see how much natural lighting is available in a home which also keeps the cost of the electric bill down. However, during an open house turn on the lights and showcase how beautiful the home is all together.

Home Staging With Black 

Yes why not just go for it; black helps to balance the world just look at outer space and all the galaxies in that space. That darkness helps to define what's in that space it also takes the focus off everything that's in that space at the same time. The balance with decorating with black especially for staging is to control what people see when they walk into that space. A simple black vase or lampshade in a room with bright colors tells the eye what to focus on.

Staging With Ghost Chairs & Dowel Leg Chairs

Thank me latter on this one but I have a love for these chairs and the statement that they both make. Keep in mind these chairs can be a little pricy ranging from $100 and up however you don't have to purchase a dozen of these to get the desired look. Every home staging should have one of these beauties in it. When staging thinking about the latest decor styles in your area and what that may possibly mean to the potential home owner. Hopefully they will be thrilled and excited about the new visual decor upgrades.

{Knowing what other realtors are adverting you can get ahead of the game and most importantly setting yourself aside from the others and making room for a fast sale. Dress it up like you see in all the magazines with a little piece of faux fur and you're for sure to sell that room.} 

Home Staging Corner Spaces

Think about all the possibilities that one corner can add to your open house. In your home pick out an accent piece and relocate it to a new space. Don't be afraid of change trust me your open house will be a success and it helps to keep their minds off the paper work. Corner spaces should tell a short story or pose as a quick thought of what that corner means in that space. Some corner spaces are for sitting and reading while others are created just for a good looking corner. Think about your grandparents home...where was the phone located? Perhaps on a table in a corner...Think about what that corner meant to them. 


Q: Do I have to use my own furniture to stage a house? 
A: Not if you don't want to. However, you can if you feel confident that what you own is stage ready and appropriate.

Q: What if someone wants to keep all the staging furniture?
A: You have to decide if that's something you would like to do. Some staging is just for a visual and other staging is an optional purchase from the potential home buyer. Is it important for you to decided before staging if that is something you wish to do. Add up all the cost and add it to the listing price of the home as an additional option. 

Q: Where should I shop for staging furniture?
A: Your best bet is to shop at places with an excellent return policy. If your home is sold less than 90 days and the furniture and or decor you purchased is not sold with the house you can then return at no  cost to you....be sure to keep ALL of your receipts. 

Remember to take down any important note from your open house and feel confident in your work. You won't be able to please everyone who walks through the door but rest a sure that someone will fall in love with your hard work.  There are somethings you may have overlooked so be sure to hear out your potential clients request in order to close on the deal. For example, if your home doesn't come with a washer or dryer. Are you willing to put in the extra upgrade to close on the deal? Remember, I'm always for hire. The contact information is below! 

Raquel's Home Staging Secrets

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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