Hello everyone!!

What a project it has been my oh my oh my!! Last night was the closing show of Single Husbands the stage play.  Single Husbands is originally a novel writing by Mary Morrison who decided to turn her book into a stage play. This erotic infidelity circus escapades involves 3 husbands,  their wives, their side chicks and the brotherhood of secrecy.

Author: Mary Morrison 
Producer: Richard Montgomery 
Producer: Playwright: Jesse Byrd
Director: Tom Jones 

My job is known for many different titles but to me it all simple mean the same thing.
Set dresser
Set decorator
Prop designer 
Richard last night during the closing toast called me costume designer lol...honest mistake. All in all no matter the title I love my job and all that it requires. I truly had fun going on this shopping adventure meeting the request and color request from the director and producer. From spray painting in my own backyard to hanging elements on stage it all felt just amazing! I was the sole owner of my project from the ideas to dressing I was in charged and I admit I was kinda nervous but in a good way. I look forward to times like this when it's all in my hands and like anyone who has power or say so there's always some nervousness.

To be continued I have to go but wanted to blog ;) 


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