Intimate Wedding Planning

Hello everyone!!

Wedding planing what a BIG JOB! No one ever told me how much work is put into such an event no matter what the size of the wedding party is. I am truly excited about my special day of course and nervous all at the same time. This once in a lifetime experience deserves to be one that I (we) will never forget. This is going to be our first wedding (both his and mine). My thyme is based off of our intimate and most memorable moments with one another. Of course you guys have no clue as to what I mean by it and that's the whole point. On our wedding day I will invite my closes friends and family into a world which is rarely exposed in the public. Our wedding will be surrounded with romance & love chaperon by intimacy and memorable moments. 

The colors I have chosen were inspired by the 2nd and the 4th photo. These colors really speak to me in a very private and intimate way. Both romanic and symbolic to me when I think of my honey and the moments we spend together. He's a gentle man with a loving heart and every moment he always reminds me that he loves me and how happy I make him feel. Together we are truly the definition of "lovebirds" I must say. I call Tom "my hero" because he always manages to save my heart over and over again. When I'm having a bad day or simply worrying about something he always manages to take my mind away from it. Tom enjoys nature and getting away as much and I do, I love how he's always ready to jump in the car and just go for a drive. 

Our favorite little getaway is Amacolola falls about two hours north of Atlanta. One day Tom decide to go for a drive to see the mountains.  All he mentioned was "we're going north to the North GA Mountains". Nervous a little after driving for about 40 mins and no mountains I decided to just look on my GPS for the nearest mountain. An hour later after following the directions of my GPS we arrived in the Appalachian mountains. My oh my it was so beautiful and so breath taking we just fail in love totally with the nature around us. We were like little kids in the car saying "OmG look at that", and "WOW" and a whole lot of ooows and ahhs lol. 

The first time we visited the mountains we drove up and down the mountains and never got out of the car. I had plans to get out and walk around to do some sight seeing in nature but Tom stated "no I said we were driving to the mountains". A little pouty for a second but then he quickly reminded me that it didn't matter that we didn't get out to look around. What matter is that we were together enjoying drive for the first time and that we can always come back to enjoy it outside of the car. Tom a man of his world a month later we arrived back and this time we went hiking up to the top of Amacolola Falls. A breathtaking moment you wouldn't believe how beautiful the hike was and how exhausted we were. We climbed about 6oo+ stairs to get to the top of the falls. 

After our long and beautiful day of hiking we drove to the top of the mountain to the Amacolola Falls hotel. Once inside the entrance lounge we walked up on this huge glass window over looking the mountain and just couldn't believe our eyes. WHAT A VIEW!!!! We then sat down and had lunch in the restaurant with a mountain view just more beauty to add to our beautiful day. Since the summer we stayed over night there twice and each time our experience just got better and better. One of the things we had a chance to see was their banquet area and where weddings are held outside on the stoned balcony. From that moment I knew what I wanted the atmosphere of our wedding to be like. Each moment we have like that one we both fall in love again and again and those are the most memorable moments that would make anyone fall in love continuously. 

My first thought was to have a private wedding at the top of the falls with just him and I and just a few loving witness. My second thought is to have an outdoor wedding here in Atlanta someplace beautiful to fit my vision. I may need your help in deciding which way to go with this which means that your comments are very important to me ;). Part of me would like for our memories of the falls to be just our romantic getaway and not so much a reminder each time of were we got married. I'm a little mixed up about it all although I told you this romantic story I still need help deciding which way to go. Wedding planning is fun but it's also exhausting when you're trying to find the perfect peace to have such a once in a lifetime ceremony. 

 "When is the wedding?"...I simply tell them it's when the time is right, the right people who will be there will know when it is <3

Celebrate you every day and don't worry about people understanding your celebrations.

Intimate Wedding Planning

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below! 

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