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I came across this funky pattern coverings idea for old and new chairs. The textile mixture is amazing no doubt about it! I've always had a love for african, native and tribal patterns period but to see them all put together in such a beautiful design is just beautiful. I truly love the way this artist put together something that is so complexed and made them all in sync with one another. 

My first love for african printed fabrics came early 2000. My boy friend at the time was an artist and he used African printed textiles to make wall hangings. When I first came across this website with the designs below it took me back to early 2000 when my house was piled from the floor up with these fabrics. Between the burlap, sewing machines and fabrics I was going 
a little insane with it all.

There's this store in Philly called Ten thousand Villages ( and it's to die for OMG it's like I've died and went to tribal haven. There are many stores out here with such home accents and décor you just have to do your homework. No Mas Hacienda & Cantina ( here in Atlanta so has great furniture and accents pieces with loads of colors and patterns. In fact it's on my top 10 list of best creative furniture stores for interior decorators and or for people who dare to be different. 

Busy patterns are hard for most people to get into especially if they're not big on things being to busy.  They tend to get nervous and not so sure about their design or most times are afraid of what other people might think or say. Patterns such as the ones below takes a special kinda person to have such art in their home so boldly. Most people stay way from busy patterns and instead settle for something less compacted and easier to pair basic décor with. A great designer and artist can pair a million different objects together in such an artful way. 

A friend of mine name Bree love, love, love her some colors and patterns and such. She just moved into a beautiful one bedroom apartment which has some lovely interior characters in it which I fail in love with. For example the apartment has a built-in bookshelf in the living room area and in the center of the wall is a fireplace. I love built-in bookshelves which can be turned into art or a simple bookshelf. It's also a creative way to hide a wall of walls and allows the renter/owner to become more creative and it also makes for great organizing. 

Later this year or the top of next year I will began the process of turning her lovely apartment into a loft style living fashion gallery. Bree is a very talented wardrobe stylist for plus size fashion and she's currently working on sketches for her future clothing line. Bree's inspiration for her apartment is colors and patterns. An art gallery wall of her sketches and a livable atmosphere that inspires and challenge her to be creative and free. I foresee in my designing for her lots of color fabrics, bright lighting and plenty of inspiration!

I've also notice that people who love bold tribal patterns are also people who've traveled the world and experienced something pleasurable about including those travels in their current living. It doesn't matter if you use Asian textiles, African art or Native American prints whatever it is make it artful and exciting! 

Find more information about the artist below.


Note: The text below is from the original website, link is below.

Based in Beirut, Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri run the design and craft studio Bokja, creating furniture pieces made from recycled textiles and tapestries: harmonious combinations of pattern, texture and colour. Bokja avoids mass production and employs only local artists, carpenters and designers.
Maria studied Arabic Literature at the American University of Beirut and Journalism at the Lebanese American University. She cultivated her love for furniture from the 50’s and 60’s during her time as an antique dealer. Hoda Baroudi has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and an MBA from the American University of Beirut. Following years of experience in finance and banking, her life-long interest in traditional tapestries, textiles and rugs of the orient lead to the creation of Bokja.

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Education can really open doors, but at the end of the day talent is what really leaves a mark. We are a poster company for this, neither of us have a formal education in what we are doing. It is that talent behind this company that has made it what it is. We have an eye and an instinct for what we do and it’s not so much the result of our education, but our passion.

Bokja is an amalgam of things, it is layers and layers of reactionary thoughts, it is 'of the moment' and transient. Our designs are never innocent as they are often references or reinterpretations of something from our past. Within these objects there is a tangible charm that takes us back to the way things used to be, when products carried legacies that transcended time. We have created a cult following around the world; our designs speak a universal language, while appealing to people on a personal and emotional level. – Bokja Design
Their furniture is available in the US and sells for well over $2,000 USD a chair

Textiles | Patterns | OH MY

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