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The Longer The Better

Hello everyone!!

There's not many things that I like long such as long flights, long bad days, long commercials, a long wait in line, long visits at the doctors office with an appointment. However there's one thing that I do love long in length. Some people like them round and thin, I just love them long and thick. I love all concepts of them, foreign or local a long and fabulous dining room table is a must. Oh you guys get your head out of the gutter please. Loft living, traditional living, or a house that's not a home. I promise you if you have a long dining room table in your space your life will change in a thousand ways. 

While thinking up a magnificent conversation piece of a dining table something else comes to mind and it's these fabulous Dowel-Leg Chairs. 
Eames® Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW) Spain Modern Dinning room Their Molded Plastic chairs were originally designed in metal, and entered as a prototype in MoMA’s 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. They then changed the material to fiberglass in 1950, and today the chairs are made of recyclable polypropylene, how cool is that. Although the material has changed and the times have changed the price is pretty steep $399.00 per chair. Don't freak out, I know you don't have money for such a chair and besides it may not be something you like or love. I for one do love these chairs for the quality of it's look although the chairs are pricey don't look at the price just look at the investment. It's possible you may be able to find these chairs at a much cheaper cost or second hand store or a website such as 

Dowel Chairs has been around for a long time and with a little designer touch these chairs I promise will be the topic of the day or as I like to say "conversation piece". Decorate them with fabulous throws or let them stand alone in their fabulousness, either way they will be the talk of the town. I've notice how how American furniture has changed over many years. We went from classy to trashy over a period of 20 years thanks to the Ikea's, Target's and Walmart's whom now believe that they are the standards of today's home essential needs. What a crock of shit!! Buy something such as a bedroom headboard and see won't it become trash in a year or two. The price and the material says a lot about the lifespan of any piece of art/furniture. 

The above picture is like a fantasy without all of the fireworks that make it impossible to believe in. I am digging the color on that wall hell yeah! I love almost all tones of gray on walls, so classy and it also helps to invite any color furniture and all textures. Let us have a conversation about this photo for a moment in time. The LONG dining table is my best friend yes it is! Look at those long strong legs and slick body who couldn't fall in love with such a piece of wood. Lacker slick finish with multiple people just sitting and eating off that hunk of wood oh my! I would sit at the end of that table and just rub on the legs until something happen to my insides. I would be drooling at the table not because of the food but because of the energy I get from this hunk of wood. I would play foot-cee under this table with the legs oh yes and not the other's at the table. Imagine rubbing your feet up and down the legs of that bad boy it would for sure make the food taste better. I'm getting excited just thinking about all the things I would do to, I meant with the top of that table with table decor.

With a table so bold who wouldn't love a grand mirror, check out that mirror isn't it just gorgeous? I know some of you guys and gals might not be into such a mirror but really picture this in your home. This mirror is a grand master piece with gold leafing not to mention my right hand man at Equipose Design Chris could created this mirror for you. Chris specializes in gold leafing, aging and restoration and he's so damn good at it! Close your eyes and listen to your favorite song in this room and just have a candle light dinner with just you and your honey; and when dinner is done just the two of lay across this table and spoon a little. You guys think I'm naughty or nah? Well whatever you do make sure your table can hold the two of you that's all I have to say about it. I want my readers to give me some feedback about the other items in this room. Tell me what you're feeling or not feeling about this look.

Interior decorator Jessica Helgerson above picture created this look for one of her clients and I totally love the table and chairs. Again here's another look using Dowel chairs in a more natural material that totally works for this hard space. This room looks a little cold with the cement floors, walls and brick back splash, stainless steal and celling beams. I would warm this room up with a fireplace in wall or someplace close to give this room some fire. I would want to lay on that table after drinking a nice glass of wine. Okay you guys are probably thinking the reason why I love long dining tables are to lay on them. Well you're almost right but not completely.

Tables should be for eating of course however once in your life you should live a little and just be creative not only in decorating your table but in your lifestyle. I'm all for getting into my clients business just a little. I wouldn't want to create something so permeant that one day they'd have a hard time getting creative. Can you dig that? Think about those days and times when you're home alone or with your love one and you guys are just in the mood to do something creative that night or morning. Homes should be fun, safe yet lots of room for creativity. I am not a freak guys, I promise you I'm not and if I were that would be between myself and the love of my life. ***insert smirk***Anyways you naughty minded people this is just a beautiful kitchen and space and I would love to visit this home and have dinner.

Last but not least look at this lovely dove right here. A creation from Jacquelyn Clark I am digging this honey chile.  That table is simple yet has a hundred things to say about it's surrounding beauties. The Dowel Chairs along with those mixes are just simply genius. Purchasing a few dowel chairs and applying other beauties would be the ideal for someone like me. I love to mix and match things that are artful. I adore the rug and the feeling I would get from resting my bare feet on that sucker! That table looks sturdy, sturdy enough for all the business that would be going on there. Guys I'm about the food and company this time. I would rub my hands up and down the smoothness of it's belly. I keep my hands busy while decorating and everything to me should tell a story with the lights off from just a single touch. I would like to talk more about the elements in this photo with your help readers. Let's get some feedback from this look.   

The Longer The Better
I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all.

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Keep your stools or give them to me!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a new love for using stools as a base for just about anything. One of my God parents came to Atlanta about two months ago to visit me and she gave me this creative DIY idea to use my old stools as a base for an old glass that I was going to throw away. I kept the legs the original dark wood and spray painted the seats a Stain Lagoon. The glass in the picture came with a table I bought but replaced the glass to make the table bigger. I was then left with this glass and just like that we found a good use for it! I thought this was such a great idea because I had sold the table that went with these stools over the summer and the stools set out on the back deck for months until this creative idea came up.

Get this spray at HomeDepot
 The stool below isn't the original stool instead it's the closes to the original look.

Last night I got a little bored and finally decided to do something creative with myself which only took a few minutes of my time. I finally spray painted 1 of the four stools with this exciting Gloss purple same brand spray paint as the above picture. The awesome part about spray paint is that it's so easy to recolor with another spray and depending on how I feel from week to week this poor little stool may never stay the same lol. I bout some additional colors such as yellow and black just incase I didn't like the results. Spray paint can make things look amazing sometimes depending on what surface it's sprayed on. I hope you guys and gals have enjoyed these pictures and please send me in your pictures if when come up with something creative as well. I think I really like this cool idea would love to add some mosaic glass to this purple stool and you guys know how much I LOVE to add lighting under the seat.  I will update this blog so stay tuned ;)

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I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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