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Bathroom Makeover

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the inside of my master bathroom.

This bathroom has no garden tub or special effects just my special touch. I decided to give my bathroom a little makeover just before the season changes. I like to make new changes for new energies using old and new things. The comfort of my bathroom is personalized to my comfort level and lifestyle.   

This bathroom has changed may times before and each time I change it I can feel myself grow. What I mean by that is this...sometimes I stay away from colors and patterns and such. I like a clean master bathroom not to busy wit things all over the bathroom sink (unless it's decor). Then there's a time when I want it all so I do it all and then my brain spills with decorating ideas and then I get bored with it quickly so it changes ( I have seasonal changes and boredom changes). I don't like to spend to much money on decorating because my style changes. Instead I like to put things here in the house then there someplace else and then over there again. 

I enjoy changing things around every so often. I'm sure I change things around more than the average person, some sort of OCD I suppose but whatever it is I like it! In the photos below you will see some of my vision. I didn't go out to do any purchasing instead I used things that I had around my home and just made a little magic happen. Pictures really can't describe the feeling when you're in here but here are a few shots from my iPhone 4s. 

I thought the idea of having a pillow resting there was genius. Every bathroom should be designed for the comfort of those who will be using it. A master bathroom in particular is one that must be designed for the comfort of the one/s who will be using it the most. 


The above pictures are pictures I printed from a instagram page @Austinxc04. Austin has an amazing instagram with pictures of all kinds of doors. 90% of his pictures are of doors in Philadelphia. I love my city and miss it so much but my LOVE for DOORs is like no ones business. I fail in love with Austin's page and I am looking forward to the day when I can just have a wall of pictured doors some place in my home.

The silver trimmed/gold accent picture framed came from a dear friend who's like a mother to me by Bridget Jackson. She gifted me the frames when I was visiting her in NY a few years back. I took the original photos out to which were very beautiful pictures of painted jazz musicians. The photos did not go with my colors scheme here so instead I replaced them with Austin's photos. I was going for Green and more green all tones and these are just a few pictures from Austin's photo collection,

Everyone should have rocks in their sink.

No you are not seeing things and yes those are bamboos that I created a little teepee with. Notice the hanging light in the center I've had for years from ikea. I love night lights in my bathroom, it gives it such a night time feeling and it's so romantic. I can't live without a night time setting light in the bathroom it just does something to me to see it. This is an easy DIY idea that anyone can do at home.

A view of the night time effect

Make your own bathroom night light. #DIY #equiposedesigns 

Velcro or string
Hanging lamp or DIY bulb and extension cord

The hanging lamp in the photo is from ikea.

Below are before pictures...I cleared out everything I had in it before I took the pictures.

I'm sure my bathroom will have another makeover sometime next year or so, so be on the look out when it does.  I will  continue to work on this bathroom and meet it's full potential so keep checking back for update photos. 

Bathroom Makeover 

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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Do it to your bathroom

Above Photo:
Yes, those are shoes and no they aren't mine. In fact there my mother's old shoes that she loved to death and was about to trash them and I took them out the trash and held on to them when magically I came up with this cool idea that reminded me of shoes hanging from the telephone poles back home in Philly. Those roses came from my daughter after her graduation and I also have some roses from my honey that he gave me for Mother's Day from his own garden. Those roses are up on the shelf pictured in a different photo. 

Hello everyone!

Doing it, and doing it and doing it well...
I love bathrooms just as much as I love bedrooms. For the obvious of reason and for all the non obvious reasons. My bathroom time is my cuddling time and in order for me to be in the mood to cuddle that space has to be neat, clean and refreshing. Walking on a carpet in a bathroom should be like climbing on top of a bed. You take a step or a crawl and right away you feel softness. Lighting is important as well but thinking about the things that are normally made for a  bathroom turns me off sometimes. I don't always want to be reminding that I'm taking a crap. I don't need toilet paper and towels and things and such around to let me know that this is the place for crapping, brushing my teeth and cleaning.

While working on my 1/2 bath on the main level of the house over the years I had a hard time getting into it. So much that the children and I didn't find it very comfortable for doing our business. We would sometimes quickly walk up two flights of stairs to our own bathrooms instead of enjoying the one right where we were. I finally came up with something that I could live with and I'm still trying to figure out why in the heck did it take so long. I decided not to paint the walls and make it look all fresh. I kinda wanted a little piece of edge and time in it without having to put to much painting into it. I have a love for the The Beatles a soft spot that only gave me inspiration to place a few pictures of the guys in the bathroom. Who wants to look at John Lennon while taking a crap? Hey I do! I added them because they were always going places and traveling the world. I wanted to feel like they stopped pass my house and took a crap one day when their car broke down in front of my door.

If you love The Beatles as much as I do then I'm sure you understand. I love music with messages and they truly had many messages in their music that I simply just fail in love with one way or another. I also didn't want a theme bathroom so-to-speak, instead I wanted a mixture of feelings both comfy with a hint of romantic gestures. What I simply mean by that is when you walk in the bathroom most times you go in and do your business and get out simply because you have no other business there. So, you do your business and go. Well not this bathroom, in this bathroom you'll want to stay awhile and get to know it. You'll smile and flirt a little and secretly have a jealous crush. You'll walk out touched yet you'll pretend that you're not effected and just to spice it up you'll come back for another go-round. By now I'm sure you are all saying Raquel is so crazy **insert smile** well I am a little with good intent.

The pictures you're about to see are pictures before and during my ideas.  As you browse you'll notice some changes. In my mind nothing is ever finish and complete because in my mind there's always room for change. My philosophy and thinking is that is simple if you can't be where you want to be then bring what you want to you. Meaning if I can't live on an island and I feel like moving to an Island, yet I can't financially just get up and move to an Island, then why don't I bring a piece of that island with me and combine some colors and designs from that time. I'm always changing things around here which to me keeps me happy and creative.

Above photo:
I love and super love this metal tool box that I purchased at Marshalls. It's old and aged design is super genius! I had no I idea what I was going to do with it when I bought it but I knew something great was to come of it. As pictured it's being use to hold wash cloths for my guest and family after washing their hand instead of using paper towels. If you continue to scroll you'll notice a wooden multi use flower pot as a basket to dispose of after use. I love this idea instead of paper towels, it's so clean and easy to keep up with. Guest come over and love this idea and I encourage them to come up with one of their very own. 

Above photo:
 These lovely picture frames came from WalMart in different colors. I came up with this idea in a desperate attempt to put something on the bathroom wall that I could live with instead of all pictures. I LOVE picture framing on walls including chair railing and shadow boxing. This inexpensive idea came to me one day and I quickly ran out before the idea expired in my mind. I totally had no idea how I was going to put these on the wall. I didn't want to nail them because I didn't want any nails or screws to show up on the surface of them so instead I hot glued them to the wall. OH YES I DID! I figured they would be up there for a while and chipped paint is better than holes in the wall for when they do get removed one day. 

Above Photo:
This comfy little beast right here is like stepping on a cloud in the sky OMG! You have no idea how good this feels on the bottom of your feet it's just like magic. Please pick this brand up and thank me later. Tiled flooring can be tough on the feet very tough. In our home we remove our shoes at the door and the only carpet is upstairs. If you're spend a lot of time downstair shoeless then your only comfort walk would be in the bathroom where theres comfort and seduction at your toes.

Above Photo:
Yes it works and yes I'm going to put an album on it so that while my guest are on the toilet they'll be able to play the song of their choice. Who's rushing you out the bathroom? Not us, we have two more we could use if you're occupying this one. The trunk I got from a good friend who was ready to give it away and couldn't stand it. I had no clue as to why she didn't like it so I quickly took it before she messed around and changed her mind. The record player was gifted to me from my mother and I have no clue as to where she got it from but thank you Umi for the gift! 

Above Photo:
These little guys took a little bit of time to wire them together which was kinda cool. I had my son and one of my daughters to help put it together. I wanted something to put in from of the window in addition to the wax paper design that I put on the window a few years ago for additional privacy. 

Above photo Updated:
Recently I participated in a community flemarket and picked up these two hooks from a lady who just gave time to me. Thanks lady! I had no clue as to what I was going to do with them but quickly I came up with this cool little idea for them.

Above Photo:
That little lamp in the corner came from my mother who bought it at Ikea. Neither one of us really like the lamp and doesn't fit in any room in neither one of our homes. I had it in the living room for a little while but never liked it in there. I decided to add a little more warmth to this bathroom and placed it in the corner there... and now I totally love the lamp. 

Above Photo:
See there's the roses from my honey...

Do it to your bathroom

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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The Longer The Better

Hello everyone!!

There's not many things that I like long such as long flights, long bad days, long commercials, a long wait in line, long visits at the doctors office with an appointment. However there's one thing that I do love long in length. Some people like them round and thin, I just love them long and thick. I love all concepts of them, foreign or local a long and fabulous dining room table is a must. Oh you guys get your head out of the gutter please. Loft living, traditional living, or a house that's not a home. I promise you if you have a long dining room table in your space your life will change in a thousand ways. 

While thinking up a magnificent conversation piece of a dining table something else comes to mind and it's these fabulous Dowel-Leg Chairs. 
Eames® Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW) Spain Modern Dinning room Their Molded Plastic chairs were originally designed in metal, and entered as a prototype in MoMA’s 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. They then changed the material to fiberglass in 1950, and today the chairs are made of recyclable polypropylene, how cool is that. Although the material has changed and the times have changed the price is pretty steep $399.00 per chair. Don't freak out, I know you don't have money for such a chair and besides it may not be something you like or love. I for one do love these chairs for the quality of it's look although the chairs are pricey don't look at the price just look at the investment. It's possible you may be able to find these chairs at a much cheaper cost or second hand store or a website such as 

Dowel Chairs has been around for a long time and with a little designer touch these chairs I promise will be the topic of the day or as I like to say "conversation piece". Decorate them with fabulous throws or let them stand alone in their fabulousness, either way they will be the talk of the town. I've notice how how American furniture has changed over many years. We went from classy to trashy over a period of 20 years thanks to the Ikea's, Target's and Walmart's whom now believe that they are the standards of today's home essential needs. What a crock of shit!! Buy something such as a bedroom headboard and see won't it become trash in a year or two. The price and the material says a lot about the lifespan of any piece of art/furniture. 

The above picture is like a fantasy without all of the fireworks that make it impossible to believe in. I am digging the color on that wall hell yeah! I love almost all tones of gray on walls, so classy and it also helps to invite any color furniture and all textures. Let us have a conversation about this photo for a moment in time. The LONG dining table is my best friend yes it is! Look at those long strong legs and slick body who couldn't fall in love with such a piece of wood. Lacker slick finish with multiple people just sitting and eating off that hunk of wood oh my! I would sit at the end of that table and just rub on the legs until something happen to my insides. I would be drooling at the table not because of the food but because of the energy I get from this hunk of wood. I would play foot-cee under this table with the legs oh yes and not the other's at the table. Imagine rubbing your feet up and down the legs of that bad boy it would for sure make the food taste better. I'm getting excited just thinking about all the things I would do to, I meant with the top of that table with table decor.

With a table so bold who wouldn't love a grand mirror, check out that mirror isn't it just gorgeous? I know some of you guys and gals might not be into such a mirror but really picture this in your home. This mirror is a grand master piece with gold leafing not to mention my right hand man at Equipose Design Chris could created this mirror for you. Chris specializes in gold leafing, aging and restoration and he's so damn good at it! Close your eyes and listen to your favorite song in this room and just have a candle light dinner with just you and your honey; and when dinner is done just the two of lay across this table and spoon a little. You guys think I'm naughty or nah? Well whatever you do make sure your table can hold the two of you that's all I have to say about it. I want my readers to give me some feedback about the other items in this room. Tell me what you're feeling or not feeling about this look.

Interior decorator Jessica Helgerson above picture created this look for one of her clients and I totally love the table and chairs. Again here's another look using Dowel chairs in a more natural material that totally works for this hard space. This room looks a little cold with the cement floors, walls and brick back splash, stainless steal and celling beams. I would warm this room up with a fireplace in wall or someplace close to give this room some fire. I would want to lay on that table after drinking a nice glass of wine. Okay you guys are probably thinking the reason why I love long dining tables are to lay on them. Well you're almost right but not completely.

Tables should be for eating of course however once in your life you should live a little and just be creative not only in decorating your table but in your lifestyle. I'm all for getting into my clients business just a little. I wouldn't want to create something so permeant that one day they'd have a hard time getting creative. Can you dig that? Think about those days and times when you're home alone or with your love one and you guys are just in the mood to do something creative that night or morning. Homes should be fun, safe yet lots of room for creativity. I am not a freak guys, I promise you I'm not and if I were that would be between myself and the love of my life. ***insert smirk***Anyways you naughty minded people this is just a beautiful kitchen and space and I would love to visit this home and have dinner.

Last but not least look at this lovely dove right here. A creation from Jacquelyn Clark I am digging this honey chile.  That table is simple yet has a hundred things to say about it's surrounding beauties. The Dowel Chairs along with those mixes are just simply genius. Purchasing a few dowel chairs and applying other beauties would be the ideal for someone like me. I love to mix and match things that are artful. I adore the rug and the feeling I would get from resting my bare feet on that sucker! That table looks sturdy, sturdy enough for all the business that would be going on there. Guys I'm about the food and company this time. I would rub my hands up and down the smoothness of it's belly. I keep my hands busy while decorating and everything to me should tell a story with the lights off from just a single touch. I would like to talk more about the elements in this photo with your help readers. Let's get some feedback from this look.   

The Longer The Better
I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all.

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Is it music or decorating?

Hello everyone!!

Is it music or decorating? Let's see...Do you decorate with music the way you write songs? How exciting would it be to wake up each day surrounded by your gifts and talents. Imagine you're a musician or composer and you have this grand wall or corner in your living space that you admire. How would you write in that corner or wall? Maybe you have some awards, pictures, albums and such that you're either proud of or samples of artist you admire. How about creating a special place in your home for you to stay inspired, does that sound like something you could live with? 

When I think back to when I first started decorating my room with music it was far from creative and special. Instead there were CD's and cassette tapes stashed in the comers or on racks. Photographs that I've taken with famous people were in a photo album book or in a frame in my parents living room. My room made a simple statement yet there was so much going on in there I couldn't figure out how to make it work with my lifestyle while being a young parent. I had no time to make my room look fabulous, instead I just lived day to day instead of consuming myself with decorating it. My only focus at that time was to keep it neat and clean which was easy for me to do. I must say I would play music every day all day so instead of my room looking musically inspired it was a ear full of inspiration. 

So how did I express myself and stay inspired? Well my outlets were open mics and perform as much as possible.  Sometimes you have to take your ideas and let other's be your canvas. Make songs on people's hearts instead of on paper. When I got older and was on my own I was then living with my boyfriend in 2000 at the time and instead of creating my own space of inspiration I fail for what inspired him and our home was basically his work environment and what he loved doing. The things we'll do for love I tell you it's horrible. **insert Lianne's song No Room For Doubt"**  From that experience I learned to always create your own personal space to stay inspired no matter what! Finally I moved from that home in 2005 into a new home and began buying new everything. New sofa and bed, you name it I bought it. That house was my everything and my first time to express who I was artistically. I even hosted a monthly event in that space I called No Place Like Home. It was a monthly space for poets and artist to express their gifts in a intimate gathering. I will give more details about that in a later blog, awe don't worry I promise I know you want to hear more. 

People I just got sentimental for a moment there but I must stay on topic so brush that feeling off Raquel and stay focus. You know how you get the answers to questions you always had questions about and then it hits you? The answer.  Well that just happen to me right now, amazing how powerful writing is and how much healing and processing you're unconsciously doing at the same time. WOW! Hey before you start reading the rest of this blog open up your spotify or if you don't have it download it for free I'll wait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Okay all down downloaded great! Now type in the search Alice Smith, Found her? Great play the song called SHE and now continue reading this blog. 

There's something about this picture to our left. I call this room SHE because everything about that wall says SHE has her favorite spot in the house. She's a person who doesn't take no shit and she's tired of not expressing who she is. This room says finally I'm breaking out and doing me after doing for other's. This space is so special that I just want to sit in this room and write a few songs while having a good drink and shutting the world out a little. In this space I can hear the speakers turned all the way up on perfect with some funky music artist like Alice Smith. Can you hear me blasting one of my favorite songs called "The One" or "With You" how about "Another love". Continue listening while reading.

This wall is gorgeous and the albums in white framing is stunning. Notice the trim divider between each column. I love straight lines and balance between rows in this look. The album choices and colors made it even more interesting. The soft yet vibrant colors and the red lips lower right corner is just tasteful and I love it! I love the chase beside the wall with the accent pillow it says sit down and stay a while. The round soft wood table tells us that there's room for mingling with others. It's just enough to have a small gathering of some sort or long discussion about the artist musicing in the surround sounds. Music-ing yes I just made that up because it's relevant to my expressions, go ahead and laugh but you'll be using that word soon enough. Come on back from y'all form your giggles...

I'm excited that the designer choice was to add round accents such as the objects on the table and pillow on the chase. The colors of accents blends well and are very appropriate choices allowing the wall to stand out and not have the accents over power or take attention from the focal point. The wall color choice also says that this space is inviting and tropical. Allow the breeze from the window on the right to engage your mind into the rhythm of sounds you're listening to. Relax stay a while because this space is personal yet sometimes busy with friends. I love this space from the wall to the floor this is just beautiful piece of art. Your friends will leave in jealousy and conversation about your wall I promise you! I imagine this space being a loft or brownstone in NY on a strip someplace in the ghetto where dreams come true and people never judge you because everyone is different with their own styles and every style is excepted as life. If you've enjoyed Alice Smith's music while reading by all means continue listening after the blog and purchase this awesome album. Link is blow!

Okay pause Alice for a moment and head back to your search and type in Lianne La Havas album Is Your Love Big Enough? Just press play or better yet turn to her song called Age. After you found it press play and continue reading. Trust me I got you don't panic if you're not familiar with this artist and besides just follow my instructions and don't be hard headed **insert smily face for readers**

This room  I call my British Crush because when I see this room I think of one of my favorite female artist Lianne La Havas. Born in London, England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother. I see Lianne and I sitting in this room in her house of many rooms while she's playing that acoustics while I'm sitting on that black accent chair while listening to her sweet voice. Or harmonizing with her and changing up her original arrangements **insert haha**

Lianne seems like the type of person with a Yin and Yang presence which is highly attractive. This room has some edge of boldness without over powering it's counter part the peace. Lianne has has very stylish taste in her clothing, her curly hair, beautiful smile, and makeup this room I can imagine is all hers.

**insert public announcement if you're at a commercial break just let the next song play don't panic or you can simply rewind the previous song after the commercial break**

Notice the daring striped zig zagged center rug and the colors. Not many people know how to design with such a patterning without going over board or taking away from the other accents in the room. Notice the shelving on the back wall with a simple arch above, then notice the oval shaped mirror on the all. Don't stop there also notice the round bumped edges on both accents chairs and pink stool. Come on guys take notes because you'll want to keep this in mind while designing for yourself or of course hiring me for the job. I'm a hard teacher but I know you love me and I love you to so take notes. Focus some attention also on the hats in the rare on the book shelve. How cool to add a balance between the soft pinks and the hard dark edges around the trimming of the windows, baseboards, book selves, fireplace, and ceiling. There's so much black going on in this space but there's also a sweet balance between gold, pink, hardwood floor, guitar, accent plants, pillows picture over fireplace. This room could simply be a room to visit every day or a room I would run to after touring to mediate on the great response I got from my fans. The room where it all started and such you know what I mean?

This British Crush would be a beautiful place for simple inspiration. A place where someone wouldn't need many things around to remind them of how great they are as a musician or songwriter. I imagine this space is where Lianne began writing one of my favorite songs of hers called AGE. I can imagine her looking at the older hats on her book shelves and began to get inspired. This room is just a beautiful place for any artist who doesn't need much inspiration around them but instead a steady space to make great music. Music that inspires who you are as an artist and not a forced environment that says be who we want you to be. If you're enjoying Lianne's music continue to listen and purchase this album because it truly is great music.

Let me be honest I haven't gotten into Michael's music in it's entirety but take a listen at your own risk and don't judge me. I don't want you guys cussing me out because you know my taste in music is great but give the guy a chance just a little, just a little. I honestly can't say that I have any favorites yet but this one song took me under a little while listening and blogging so take it listen and now search for Michael Kiwanuka album Home Again song Bones in spotify.

Don't throw your old piano away no matter how bad the shape of it is in. Pianos are pieces of art work and can serve as multi purpose use. If you don't believe me then just check out this photo and how simple it is. It's a simple home display use as a book shelve that looks gorgeous on that wall. Keep in mind I'm showing you this simple photo because had I shown you something much for fancy with this same design you might've thought that it wasn't achievable. See just like that I'm thinking about how you feel, aren't I caring? Okay you but honestly I want to do this badly! In the back of the shop where I work there's this old piano that they were suppose to give to me but I no longer have the room for it in my home.

Yesterday I saw the piano in the back of the shop outside in the grass with it's legs off and in need of a makeover. I wanted to pick it up and bring it home and began working on it. However now I don't have the space on my walls for it but wait, wait, wait oh but wait yes I do!!! I just realized the wall were my father's bed is has always been empty and that would be a perfect home for it to rest. I was recently my father's caregiver and had to created a bedroom for him in my living room area but my father recently passed away on Jan 23rd, 2014. I'm now waiting for the VA to come pick up his hospital bed which is sorta kinda bitter to be because I kinda want the bed to stay because it was my father's but at the same time I want it out of the living room. I'm saying all that to say now I will create a sweet space were the bed is once it's removed. Okay you guys can stop crying and tearing up ***insert LOL*** really guys I'm good I just wanted to express to you what that space is in my home and bring you up to speed.

So as I head to work this afternoon to work on my current project which is DREAM GIRLS the musical I will take another look at the piano in the back of the shop and see if I can use it. I really want to make this thing happen and this picture just inspired me to get on top of it. While thinking about this genius idea while we're both listening to artist Michael Kiwanuka, the song Bones I suppose it's the perfect song for this moment. Michael's jazz stylings, snares and piano in the background gives me the feeling of New Orleans and looking at this photo I can imagine this is a home in New Orleans right of the the main strip. Michael's music to me is a like jazz/country meets folk. It's a mixer of feelings and can take us just a few places around the world and what a perfect feeling for a mellow person with plenty time on their hands to do some day dreaming. If you would like to continue listening please do and if you think this album is great then by all means purchase it.

So is it music or decorating?
I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell Alice, Lianne and Michael to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all.

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Sexy Canopy Beds

Hello everyone!

Let's get down to business in the bedroom, this time lets leave the sex out of it and head straight for the design (as if that's possible). My middle sister Kyiah has always been a huge fan of raw iron canopy beds. Every since I could remember she continues to talked about these beds and her love for them. My love wasn't the same way back then but recently I have discovered a true love and purpose for these beds. Now of course there are simple and traditional looks for a canopy beds and most people have the most traditional canopy look as possible. I for one being the creative genius I am would take this idea and turn it into something far more magical especially for adult's bedroom. Kyiah thoughts for canopy are very traditional for now but once I show her other looks I'm sure I'll change her mind just a little. Canopy beds remind me of the jungle, I think of monkeys and birds perched on my bed and to me that isn't so attractive. I know, I know you're laughing right now but it's true. It also reminds me of a cage, tie me up, pin me down, if the killer came to kill he would just tie you up to the bed easily!!!! I know, I know you're laughing again but it is also true. Now on to the positives about these beds, they last forever, a lifetime warranty plus you can get cuff to them. Okay you like that idea huh? Now on to the point of it all...

Let's take this bed for example it's detailed branch and leaf design makes this bedding fun but it doesn't make it pop enough for me to want to fall in love with it. This room looks like an older persons room, a place that doesn't say lets make love but instead it says lets go to sleep we have work in the morning. Hey don't shake your head it's true!

The choice in wall color and window finishings does't inspire anything either but a guess room. This doesn't look like a master bedroom setup instead to me it looks more like a guess bedroom. If you fall asleep in here you may have nightmares of the bed frame coming alive and grabbing you in your sleep. It's true those branches look creepy.

If you're going to do an iron bed in your master bedroom let's make it really look grand and not creepy. Also notice the draped material on the back of the top rail. I wouldn't dare put that on the top for trimming. It begins to look old and outdated and not in a fashionable way but more so like a bad choice of design. I can't say that this room is all together bad but I will say that I wouldn't want it in my house. This bed could've really turned about to be something great and lovable, however every designer has a different view of what's hot and what's not. This also looks like a mock setup instead of a believable space in a home. Mock setups has always made me a little uncomfortable looking at them. The only thing this bed inspires me to do is to want to redesign it's entire look.

 Now let us began to give canopy a new name. Let us call it Can-o-lious Definition: An delicious way to treat canopy so that it doesn't look like your old traditional grandmother's bed. I love everything about this look from it's bright natural colors to the ceiling draping with sheer and bumped edging I adore this look. This room has many windows and I get excited when designers continued to keep rooms with multiple windows bright and open.

This room reminds me of a little piece of delicious heaven without taking away from it's natural look. White sheets are perfect with the splashes of gold accents around the frame and on the accent chair by the bed. I could make love in this room, read a book in that chair, stand by my windows and look at the sunset and have wine with a few friends in that room. Multi purposes that are all very pleasurable and for this reason alone this room to me is Can-o-lious!

Draping that hits the floor with a little sex appeal such a as a women's gown that trails the floor it's a perspective of elegance and grace. Drapery can be sloppy if you're not aware of what you're doing. Not to mention if you're a heavy smoker I wouldn't suggest for you to smoke in that room Sheer is easily stained and can change colors right away. The most fantastic part bout sheer it how easily it is to clean. Amazingly just use some woolite depending again on the sheer and just hand wash it or a very light machine wash. If you have heavy drapery you make want to have a professional cleaning company to come take care of that for you. Now that I've given you a little cleaning lesson lets get back to business. Again I love this room and would love to lay in that bed and just dream myself away.

Take a look at this royal beauty, she demands attention and your time. I would call her Can-o-queen Definition: A canopy of elegance and style. Before I get to the bed let me just point out that  I love and adore chandeliers in just about any space in a house. Dropping over a bed or dropping over a table it all makes my mouth water a little. The stylings of chandeliers can really demand attention and a great conversation piece.

I love everything about this photo and it's look. The sheer draping behind the ceiling tray finish is just a brilliant way to distract to eye. The cut out above the bed to reshape it's perspective, well it's just a little genius of the designer. This looks makes for an attractive conversation piece with friends and family who will come and visit your lovely home. The headboard is a beauty and I'm in love with Lavender and purples and such. The wall paper in the back is another allusion which sorta looks like an addition to the headboard but instead it's a dimension of the wall in the back. This design has layers, texture and a royal appeal without doing to much. I love everything about this and could blog about it for days. I could make love in this room, sleep like a queen, having breakfast served in bed, or simply enjoy a glass of wine with my husband. This bedroom is a yes and anyone can have this look.

Master bedroom designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

My sister I think would love this look. I would call this Can-o-away Definition: A canopy that allows you to feel like you're away from home. There's something really romantic about this bed. When looking at this bed it looks like a breathing taking place to getaway. I want to lay in that bed and sleep all day with the bedside lights off and keep the lighting over the canopy on! This Lavender and Blue baby is everything to me. To know me is to know I love lavender and blue combination in colors. Notice I capitalized the the two colors because to me they mean everything.
I love the draping in this space. Most times people think that they need to buy a canopy bed to get that drape look. I don't think that most people realize how much it's not the bed frame in particular that they love or want but it's more so of the draping that comes with it. Draping a bed isn't always easy depending on if you rent or own a home. Designing something that will last a life time or just a short period of time is really the question here. Creating beams in the ceiling or hanging poles to make for a great DIY idea is always fun. I love the cloud draping over the bed in the photo. Look how amazing it comfy it makes this space look. Simple draping is very easy and purchasing the material can be costly but it all depends on what type of material you desire to drape with within your budget.

Allow me to imagine for a moment...It's an entrance to what is to come it looks like a vacation getaway and the rest of this room is open with six windows leading onto the beach. I can hear the ocean outside of the windows and I can hear the birds speaking in tongues. The soft wind is blowing in the window as the drapes around this bed begins to move. The warm sheets and playing footsie sparks for something romantic to happen... Okay back to reality I know you guys think that I'm silly with this whole romantic speech but it is true.

Hey let your imagination take you while creating the perfect bedroom for yourself. Everyone isn't into romantic settings but to me they should be. Why wait until you travel to fall in love with a hotel room? Why not create a room of your own? It doesn't have to be canopy style but it should say something special about yourself and your partner. Canopy is neither male or female instead it's a speechless lesson to learn. I'll leave you alone to figure out what that exactly means. In the meantime I hope you've enjoyed this blog so be sure to share it with your friends and let's get their opinion on it. Please comment or leave questions below thank you!

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Penny Back Splash Amazing

What an exclusive personal touch I found on Stumbleupon. I have plenty to say about this look or should I say "penny" to say about this. I LOVE this as I love coppers and metals for back splashes especially for industrial looks. The columns and copper penny gives this a nice edge to some degree. I think I will trying something like this with a different approach. Try this idea it's creative, not expensive, fun and a total conversation piece and a penny for your thoughts. Check out the site above site for other great ideas!

6000 pennies will cost you only $60
Image Source: DIYcozyhome
To make this project you will need:
- Penny Floor Template
-Cement Board
- Mortar
-Unsanded grout
- Polyurethane Sealant
"This project requires a fair amount of time and a lot of focus, but it will be totally worth your time, since you will be creating your own kitchen backspalsh. To see the entire guide on how to make this project follow this guide PretttyFloor, and start preping your kitchen for a make over. Have Fun!"

I hope you guys and gals really enjoyed this blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please share your comments or questions below. There's also links to repost and share with your social media sites and by all means tell your friends to check out this blog. Thank you guys I can't wait to hear back from you all. Remember I'm always for hire the contact information is below!

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