Founded in 2012 by award-winning designer Raquel M. Jackson, Equipose Designs is one of the most unique small businesses in Atlanta/Las Vegas


What does the word Equipose mean? It's originally spelled with an (i) Equipoise however, I like it better without. It means a state of equilibrium. The word Equipoise is pronounced \ˈe-kwə-ˌpȯiz, ˈē-\ yet Equipose is pronounce Equi-pose. Pose meaning stance and equip a combining form word like equal or equidistant. In the design field it's all about bringing together a balance between the clients vision and the designer consultation and execution. Thus the saying "I am the balance", and thats when Equipose Designs began the balancing process.





Raquel M Jackson

Founder/CEO, Principal Designer

Raquel M. Jackson, an interior design veteran with 15 plus years experience as a set decorator, scenic artist and interior decorator began her entertainment industry career as an independent Interior Designer.

A native Philadelphian Raquel had big plans to change the world one living room at a time. She enrolled and attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1998 and majored in Interior Design. As a student her reputation for innovative design ideas helped her grow a solid list of clients. One year later requests for her expertise had grown exponentially and she decided to leave school and take the leap into the real world of interior design. Shortly after, Raquel landed one of her first big projects; designing display rooms for the People's Emergency Center shelter in Philadelphia. She then landed and assignment to design sets for Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2012 Raquel founded Equipose Designs; which offers a full balance of professional services for the film, television, theatre industries; and for corporate and private residential clients. For Raquel, Equipose only has one mission; to provide clients design style that is beautiful, elegant and fully customizable.

By 2014 Raquel hard work was recognized by ArtsBridge Foundation and she was awarded the Shuler Hensley Award for the best scenic design in High school musical theatre. Since then Raquel has received a constant flow of project bookings. In the years that followed Raquel served as set decorator and scenic artist for Best Selling Author Mary (Honey B) Morrison's stage play "Single Husbands" among other stage productions.  From 2015 onward her work has been featured on talk shows like VH1's Love & Hip Hop After Party Live; where she as Set Decorator and Art Department Head; the Georgia DeKalb County School District educational channel PDS-TV24’s The Bridge TV24 seasons 1-6, where she was the Scenic Artist, Set Decorator and Set Dresser; and Centric TV’s reality TV show From The Bottom Up 2016, where she was the auctioneer and event space designer.  

Raquel's work can be seen on WE TV’s The Braxtons and Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta; as well as in Atlanta area high school musicals, The Color Purple, Seven Guitars, Almost Maine, Chicago, El Haj Malik, Dream Girls, and Black Nativity, the musical. Raquel’s additional theatre production credits include work for the plays A Raisin in the Sun at the 14th Street Playhouse and Pauletta Washington's "Crowns" at the Southwest Arts Center in Atlanta.

Most recently, Raquel served as Acting Set Design Decorator for Pinewood Studios’ Atlanta Gala 2016 for Open Rivers Pictures.

Partial current and past clients include WE TV, VH1, Bravo, Pinewood Studios, Eastern, 14th Street Playhouse, Southwest Arts Center, Tri-Cities High School, People's Emergency Center shelter in Philadelphia.