With our experience and your vision we bring your scenes to life. We will be in total charge of decorating the set with all the furnishings, drapery, interior plants and anything seen on stage.



Scenery is the element and root of all design. The colors and textures set the tone; while allowing those elements to take us on a visual journey.


Everyone has their very own idea of what comfort and functionality is. With our expertise and your expectations we can execute the perfect design plan.



Reality TV fetish 

Love & Hiphop Atlanta After Party Live is a VH1 network reality show that you hate to love and love to hate. What an experience and pleasure it was to work as Art Department Head for the very first After Party Live broadcast. Between getting approvals from the network to last minute game prop pieces the entire five month project was an adventure. My team and I loved every minute of this assignment and we'd do it all again; ups, downs and all. 

Decorating With a Purpose 

Decorating is a task that can take minutes or days to complete. Selecting the right choices for the perfect look or mood is a skill. Accessorizing is most important when personalizing a room, telling a story, or showcasing an extraordinary theme and shopping for new items to execute your decorating plan is always fun. However, "shopping" in your own home for treasures and pleasures has it's own benefit as well. So, don't fear repurposing, reusing or rearranging furniture; using antiques, family heirlooms or new decor to bring your ideas to life. Whatever the reason embrace change, promote freshness and enhance your mood. 

Backyard Oasis in Mechanicsville 

Don't believe the hype when people tell you that Mechanicsville here in Atlanta is a forgotten neighborhood. It's not! Located just blocks away from Turner Field this backyard oasis is just one of many ways homeowners there are helping Mechanicsville its sexy back!

Take It To The Stage

A comedy drama stage play entitled Scared Black is a look into the prism of American prejudice and racism through the story of a young, educated, successful man; who happens to be black.

There were three main scenes that made the Equipose team's design choices a hit: the Law firm, the apartment and the main character's parent's dining room. The main character's apartment which represented his love for art and Mid Century furniture was a simple design task to complete. A few rental items and a pull from our warehouse inventory made the set a success. While using the imagination and a few added scenic selection; we also managed to change one apartment space into two different VIP club scenes. 

Scenery is the element and root of all design. The colors and textures set the tone; while allowing those elements to take us on a visual journey.

A customized bedroom getaway


"Spoiled Glam", a term coined by Equipose lead designer, Raquel M. Jackson is the amalgamation of three unlikely elements presented harmoniously in one living space.

Taking the Spoiled Glam approach the team used elements inspired by the clean crisp feel of the mountains; the sophistication of city living; and industrial functionality to create a customized bedroom sanctuary.

Fall in love with life in the "dirty south". Step into a sumptuous home getaway that combines the meditative chill of the north Georgia Mountains and uptown New York style without all the fuss.

Don't forget continue to check back here for photo updates of this work in progress. For more "Spoiled Glam" ideas to visit our blog post. 






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